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How are you feeling today? It’s surprising how many people are feeling agitated, down or just plain miserable because of the state of their relationship.How wrong is that? You are supposed to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship at the very least, and, at best, deliriously in love.So give your relationship a quick MoT, and assess whether your relationship just needs  a bit of a tune up or is so corroded the scrapper’s yard is frankly the best option.Talking though the relationship with a therapist, to help you distill your experience and put it in perspective, can be helpful. ...Read more

6 min read

Why are some people so resilient? They seem to have the hide of dragons. ...Read more

10 min read

The delirious feeling of being in love is one of the most fulfilling emotions humans can feel.  ...Read more

6 min read

Ever sat in front of the TV eating a tub of ice cream? ...Read more

9 min read

The sense of loss that comes with losing a loved one is one of the most intense emotions a human being can feel. ...Read more

5 min read

How many people ask you ‘‘How are you?” each day?  ...Read more

6 min read

The first thing to acknowledge is you are not alone. ...Read more

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