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Important information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem across the world, impacting 275 million individuals. Genetic predisposition, trauma, chronic stress, and variations in brain chemistry and neurotransmitters are all causes and risk factors. ...Read more

2 min read
The new workspace norms and its mental implications during Covid 19

Dr. Craig Knight, a Chartered and Registered Psychologist and Research Fellow at the University of Exeter is sharing his advice on how the pandemic is changing the workplace....Read more

5 min read
World Mental Health Day and how to deal with the covid 19 pandemic

Today, Saturday 10 October, is the World Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Day. It comes at a time of much uncertainly as we all come to terms with the impact of Covid 19 on our lives. Whether it is affecting our health, work, finances or relationships – we are all having to adjust and accept that we do not know what the future will be like....Read more

5 min read
Mental health top tips for students in lockdown

Ahead of World Mental Health Awareness Day (Oct 10th) one of the UK’s leading psychologists is offering tips for students who have been told to isolate in their accommodation....Read more

5 min read
Dealing with relationship issues and its mental health implications

How are you feeling today? It’s surprising how many people are feeling agitated, down or just plain miserable because of the state of their relationship.How wrong is that? You are supposed to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship at the very least, and, at best, deliriously in love.So give your relationship a quick MoT, and assess whether your relationship just needs  a bit of a tune up or is so corroded the scrapper’s yard is frankly the best option.Talking though the relationship with a therapist, to help you distill your experience and put it in perspective, can be helpful....Read more

6 min read
Building resilience and how to cope with everyday life

Why are some people so resilient? They seem to have the hide of dragons....Read more

10 min read
Dealing with relationship issues and its mental health implications

The delirious feeling of being in love is one of the most fulfilling emotions humans can feel. ...Read more

6 min read
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